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Nature Walk

5th December 2009 was the day for the Nature walk at Nairobi City Park. After the previous evening rain, the sky was clear and the bright sun casting its rays upon the ground. Whatever it was, the day just felt alive.

Despite the low turnout since most friends had began their holidays, we had a good time, learning about interesting facts on trees and other plants, even spotted migrant birds, and generally enjoying the morning walk.

Some brain teasers…..

Nature walk 3 029.jpg

Why is this so………

Nature walk 3 034.jpg

And alot more.

Age however was not a limiting factor; the children too participated and had there share of fun and partially got lost in the hedge maze ( Mtego wa panya)

Nature walk 3 048.jpg

By the end of the 2 ¾ hours walk believe me it was all smiles.

If you are in Nairobi on 9th January 2010 and would like to join the friends for a walk ( From 9am- Noon), please get in touch with us on [email protected].

After the experience you will find no reason of not joining FoCP as a friend.