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Call for help

The Friends of City Park

The Friends of City Park (FoCP) is a group of concerned residents that came together in 1996 with the purpose of conserving and preserving City Park for educational and recreational use. The group is composed of people from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds who devote their time for the good of City Park. The Friends of City Park (FoCP), in collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya and the City Council of Nairobi have been instrumental in the recent gazettement of 60 hectares of City Park as a protected area by the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture (vide Gazette notice supplement No 59 and Legal notice No 130 dated 4th September 2009). The gazettement and publication of the notice was achieved through the sustained efforts of Friends of City Park (FoCP) over a number of years. The FoCP is a project of Nature Kenya.

FoCP Objective: Enhancing the health, wealth and beauty of the park

In order for the FoCP to achieve their objective we wish to carry out and continue on  a number of activities that will build on the gazettement of the park and consolidate its value to the public as a recreational, conservation and educational area of considerable importance to the citizens of Nairobi, Kenyans and visitors in general.

Band stand

Nairobi City Park

The park was originally started as a zoological garden in 1921 before it became a public park in 1925.   The Park is composed of open recreational areas, indigenous forest, historical sites, including the Murumbi memorial, adjacent cemetery, gardens and walkways. Pilot biodiversity surveys being undertaken at present have yielded some exciting discoveries and identified 776 species, including several Kenyan plant endemics of enormous conservation value.

World war 1 cemetery


  • The monthly guided walks are gaining popularity.
  • We have stated quarterly litter clean up exercises in the Park.
  • Tree planting
  • Organized school walks in the park
  • Publicity for the Park
  • Biodiversity surveys are ongoing
  • Regular bird watching, just to mention a few.

Education session in the park

All this activities require time, dedication and resources. We aspire to do more for the Park and continue the work we have started however resources are limited. We call upon well wishers to come to our rescue. We welcome your donations


Register as Friends in any of the following categories.


FoCP Individual….. …KES. 1,000

Full friends….. ………..KES. 2,000 (Includes Nature Kenya Membership)

Guardian Friend………KES. 5,000

Institutions……………..KES. 5,000

Corporate guardian…. KES. 20,000

Note: The currency is in Kenya shillings

All donations will be acknowledged. Help us to achieve more for Nairobi City Park.

For more information on how you can help, contact us on:  [email protected]