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Biodiversity at City Park

The second phase of Biodiversity survey at Nairobi City park was completed in February 2010.  For this small park with a remnant of indigenous forest, the outcome of the survey  is amazing.

From the Painted lady

Painted lady

To Jackson’s chamelion

Jackson's chameleon

and more interesting findings…

If you are in Nairobi and searching for Easter plans,whether  a nature lover or otherwise, Nairobi City park is the place.

Join other friends for a nature walk.

Date: 03 April 2010

Time: 9.00am till noon

Location: Nairobi City Park

Come and experience. See you then

For more information email: [email protected]

Fun time.

You will hear their innocent shrieks of laughter, echoing in the background. Their feet “tapatapa” on the hard surface. Its fun, it’s exciting its play time at the park. The noise, the charter the fun all combined. They take turns to swing on what is left, the only play item in the play ground, however this does not deter them from enjoying

This is the state of Nairobi City Park children’s play ground, not much but they have learned the spirit of sharing. The once triple swing that adorned the play area, only one is intact, with a sack to sit on. Its uncomfortable, I tried it, but they ignore the discomfort as long as they have there share of fun. The parents/ guardians will stand aside or sit on the hard ground and watch them as they play.

They have devised there own form of nature fun. The old climbers (Lianas) and creepers too can be used. They run around for hours, moving from climber to climber. “Tarzan” in the making? It beats me.

We can change all this, together we can upgrade this space just for them, the childhood is so short, let’s help them enjoy every moment of it. Friends of City Park need your help to bring this space into a form that the children will appreciate more, that is safe for them and environment friendly.

I envision an area where the children can play freely, there parents/guardians watch them in comfort or involve there participation, an area for story telling, a park within a park just for our children.

Friends of City Park is a project of Nature Kenya, and consists of a group of volunteers whose main objective is to conserve Nairobi City Park for perpetuity.

Email: [email protected]

We need your support and contributions in this initiative.