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Biodiversity at City Park

The second phase of Biodiversity survey at Nairobi City park was completed in February 2010.  For this small park with a remnant of indigenous forest, the outcome of the survey  is amazing.

From the Painted lady

Painted lady

To Jackson’s chamelion

Jackson's chameleon

and more interesting findings…

If you are in Nairobi and searching for Easter plans,whether  a nature lover or otherwise, Nairobi City park is the place.

Join other friends for a nature walk.

Date: 03 April 2010

Time: 9.00am till noon

Location: Nairobi City Park

Come and experience. See you then

For more information email: [email protected]

The bold step

It was a cold wet morning, raining all night and part of the morning. I arrived at Nairobi City Park at 8.35am and I was being optimistic that some friends will show up for the nature walk. Amazingly the air was clean and fresh though the clouds were still grey and drizzling.

20 minutes later more friends who braved the rain and cold on this Saturday morning joined me. No birds were heard at this time, no butterflies in sight either. I could see some black kites patched up a tree all drenched.

There was a quorum for our walk to start, its great how things change. Within a short time, the grey clouds cleared giving way to a clear sky. The sun was finally freed and there we spotted an African palm swift, speckled moosebird, streaky seed eater among many others. We spotted about 20 different bird species on this morning and several butterflies in City Park.

The interesting part is that we got to learn hilarious jokes associated with naming of plant species; it went like…. Oh! You want to know, keep reading our blogs and join our walk on 6th February 2010 at Nairobi City Park.

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