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Agha Khan Development Network to restore Park



In line with the International day of biodiversity celebrations, the Friends of City Park organized a biodiversity survey presentation on 6 May 2010, at the National museums of Kenya. The aim was to share with other friends the out come of the survey work carried out in June 2009 to February 2010.

Friends turned up in amazing numbers all looking forward to the outcome and get an understanding of City Park’s biodiversity and above all be part of the celebrations. The day was a success with the results realizing a total number of 988 species that have been identified so far. This includes plants, insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Considering City Park’s small size, and it’s location within an urban setting, facing all manner of pressure, Nairobi City Park is rich in biodiversity, hence the Friends tireless efforts to conserve it.

We welcome you to join the Friends and help us in the conservation of this unique natural habitat for swallow tails, lizards, Sykes and birds. And together CELEBRATE CITY PARK’S BIODIVERSITY.

Contact us: [email protected]


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Biodiversity at City Park

The second phase of Biodiversity survey at Nairobi City park was completed in February 2010.  For this small park with a remnant of indigenous forest, the outcome of the survey  is amazing.

From the Painted lady

Painted lady

To Jackson’s chamelion

Jackson's chameleon

and more interesting findings…

If you are in Nairobi and searching for Easter plans,whether  a nature lover or otherwise, Nairobi City park is the place.

Join other friends for a nature walk.

Date: 03 April 2010

Time: 9.00am till noon

Location: Nairobi City Park

Come and experience. See you then

For more information email: [email protected]

Litter Clean-up

2010 is a year full of promising initiatives for the Friends of City Park. One of our targets is a garbage free park . The friends have started quarterly litter clean up exercises in the park. The first one ever organized by the FoCP was done this February.

Litter clean-up

Litter clean-up

The friends turned up in time for the exercise. We were joined by students from Premier Academy, Green valley school from Tigoni and Gichuru high school from Ngecha. They volunteered there time to undertake the exercise despite having come to the park on a different activity.

They lend a hand

They lend a hand

Thanks to the patrons and students of the three schools, for their understanding that City Park is like a community in which we belong hence respecting it.





We collected 12 bags of garbage about 200kgs.

The counting continued...

The counting continued...

We welcome you to join the friends, there is a lot that needs to  be done in this park, your contribution, involvement or ideas are highly appreciated.

Contact us on [email protected]

Call for help

The Friends of City Park

The Friends of City Park (FoCP) is a group of concerned residents that came together in 1996 with the purpose of conserving and preserving City Park for educational and recreational use. The group is composed of people from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds who devote their time for the good of City Park. The Friends of City Park (FoCP), in collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya and the City Council of Nairobi have been instrumental in the recent gazettement of 60 hectares of City Park as a protected area by the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture (vide Gazette notice supplement No 59 and Legal notice No 130 dated 4th September 2009). The gazettement and publication of the notice was achieved through the sustained efforts of Friends of City Park (FoCP) over a number of years. The FoCP is a project of Nature Kenya.

FoCP Objective: Enhancing the health, wealth and beauty of the park

In order for the FoCP to achieve their objective we wish to carry out and continue on  a number of activities that will build on the gazettement of the park and consolidate its value to the public as a recreational, conservation and educational area of considerable importance to the citizens of Nairobi, Kenyans and visitors in general.

Band stand

Nairobi City Park

The park was originally started as a zoological garden in 1921 before it became a public park in 1925.   The Park is composed of open recreational areas, indigenous forest, historical sites, including the Murumbi memorial, adjacent cemetery, gardens and walkways. Pilot biodiversity surveys being undertaken at present have yielded some exciting discoveries and identified 776 species, including several Kenyan plant endemics of enormous conservation value.

World war 1 cemetery


  • The monthly guided walks are gaining popularity.
  • We have stated quarterly litter clean up exercises in the Park.
  • Tree planting
  • Organized school walks in the park
  • Publicity for the Park
  • Biodiversity surveys are ongoing
  • Regular bird watching, just to mention a few.

Education session in the park

All this activities require time, dedication and resources. We aspire to do more for the Park and continue the work we have started however resources are limited. We call upon well wishers to come to our rescue. We welcome your donations


Register as Friends in any of the following categories.


FoCP Individual….. …KES. 1,000

Full friends….. ………..KES. 2,000 (Includes Nature Kenya Membership)

Guardian Friend………KES. 5,000

Institutions……………..KES. 5,000

Corporate guardian…. KES. 20,000

Note: The currency is in Kenya shillings

All donations will be acknowledged. Help us to achieve more for Nairobi City Park.

For more information on how you can help, contact us on:  [email protected]


Previous rain Damage

The rains are finally here with us. Nairobi City Park is green once again with beautiful blossoms everywhere. However as we celebrated, some of the trees in the Park could not handle the amount of rain, some of the trees as old as the park, just gave in and are no more. During the Friends of City Park previous nature walk, we counted about four massive trees that did not survive.

Behind the Bowling green restaurant

Trees behind the Bowling green restaurant

It gives one a pain in the stomach when this happens. Asking will I ever see a tree this old in this life?

In the forest

In the forest

Just to share with you some  images I took during the January walk at City Park.

The bold step

It was a cold wet morning, raining all night and part of the morning. I arrived at Nairobi City Park at 8.35am and I was being optimistic that some friends will show up for the nature walk. Amazingly the air was clean and fresh though the clouds were still grey and drizzling.

20 minutes later more friends who braved the rain and cold on this Saturday morning joined me. No birds were heard at this time, no butterflies in sight either. I could see some black kites patched up a tree all drenched.

There was a quorum for our walk to start, its great how things change. Within a short time, the grey clouds cleared giving way to a clear sky. The sun was finally freed and there we spotted an African palm swift, speckled moosebird, streaky seed eater among many others. We spotted about 20 different bird species on this morning and several butterflies in City Park.

The interesting part is that we got to learn hilarious jokes associated with naming of plant species; it went like…. Oh! You want to know, keep reading our blogs and join our walk on 6th February 2010 at Nairobi City Park.

We welcome your comments, views and suggestions. For information on how to join FoCP, contact us on [email protected]

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More friends for the Park

We ( Friends of City Park- FoCP) wish to welcome City Park’s new furry friends Otto, Yomann and Coco; the three had an opportunity to enjoy the December 2009 Nature walk with us, and can surely tell how magnificent this park is.

Nature walk 3 065.jpg

Coco (held in the arms)

Nature walk 3 069.jpg

Otto and Yomann (In the background)

You too can be a part of this. Become a friend today; for more information on how to join, your views, comments or queries, please contact us on: [email protected].

We will be glad to read from you. Please share City Park information with as many people as you can. We rely on your help to make all aware that the Park still exists.

Nature Walk

5th December 2009 was the day for the Nature walk at Nairobi City Park. After the previous evening rain, the sky was clear and the bright sun casting its rays upon the ground. Whatever it was, the day just felt alive.

Despite the low turnout since most friends had began their holidays, we had a good time, learning about interesting facts on trees and other plants, even spotted migrant birds, and generally enjoying the morning walk.

Some brain teasers…..

Nature walk 3 029.jpg

Why is this so………

Nature walk 3 034.jpg

And alot more.

Age however was not a limiting factor; the children too participated and had there share of fun and partially got lost in the hedge maze ( Mtego wa panya)

Nature walk 3 048.jpg

By the end of the 2 ¾ hours walk believe me it was all smiles.

If you are in Nairobi on 9th January 2010 and would like to join the friends for a walk ( From 9am- Noon), please get in touch with us on [email protected].

After the experience you will find no reason of not joining FoCP as a friend.