Monthly Archives: February 2010

Litter Clean-up

2010 is a year full of promising initiatives for the Friends of City Park. One of our targets is a garbage free park . The friends have started quarterly litter clean up exercises in the park. The first one ever organized by the FoCP was done this February. The friends turned up in time for […]

Call for help

The Friends of City Park The Friends of City Park (FoCP) is a group of concerned residents that came together in 1996 with the purpose of conserving and preserving City Park for educational and recreational use. The group is composed of people from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds who devote their time for the good […]

Previous rain Damage

The rains are finally here with us. Nairobi City Park is green once again with beautiful blossoms everywhere. However as we celebrated, some of the trees in the Park could not handle the amount of rain, some of the trees as old as the park, just gave in and are no more. During the Friends […]